CISO Priorities for 2019

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Mar 08
IT security in 2019 is no longer going to be just about protecting sensitive data and preventing hackers out of our systems. In 2018, ransomware attacks skyrocketed by 350%, spoofing attacks increased 250% and spear-phishing attacks increased by 70% in companies worldwide. If your organization’s cybersecurity is not up to the mark, it can potentially be the next target of a cybercrime and even if you manage to protect yourself from these possible attacks, you

Democrats Introduce a New Bill to Bring Back Net Neutrality Rules

Net neutrality is the standard that promotes the idea of freedom to access all content and applications equally, regardless of the source, without ISPs discriminations toward specific online services or websites. Broadband providers were banned from slowing or blocking access to the internet or charging companies to pay higher fees for faster access. The battle to restore open internet protections, however, continues in the courts. Supporters are challenging the FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) repeal of

5 Things to Love About the Cloud

Valentine’s Day is a great day to reflect on something we are grateful for and the things we love. Even though not all of may get to spend time with a special someone one or will be giving or receiving chocolates and roses, there are still many other things to love, including Cloud Computing. Cloud is always there for you: Like the ones we want in our lives, Cloud solutions are available 24/7*365 days, with

617 Million Account Are Up for Grabs from 16 Hacked Websites On the Dark Web

For less than $20,000 in Bitcoins, any hacker can have access to some 617 million online account details stolen from 16 hacked websites.  Account records from this multi-gigabyte databases consist mainly of account holder names, email addresses, and passwords. These passwords are hashed or encrypted and need to be cracked before they can be used. These databases, depending on the sites, consist of user information such as location, personal details, and social media authentication tokens.

Microsoft’s Office 365 Users are Facing Outages Worldwide

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Jan 29
If you’re trying to login into Microsoft 365, chances are it will not work all the time. This outage appears to be worldwide. Both east coast and west coast are affected by the outage, according to the latest outage maps, Aussies and Kiwis have it the worst. Redmond’s Office 365 status page confirmed in the past hour that “All the affected users are unable to authenticate to and access Microsoft 365 services.”