Today, technology is associated with every sector of the economy. The finance sector is no different. From financial transactions to customer experience, technology has taken up a big chunk in the financial services sector. It is necessary for companies, especially in the finance sector, to invest in new technologies for fraud prevention in banking. vTech Solution, Inc. helps you to avail top industry tech to identify and protect your organization from a potential threat. Want to
Ransomware attacks surge 40% globally in Q3 (Source) What do you imagine when you hear the word “ransom”? Probably, a threat-note from a criminal, like you see in the movies, right? However, ransomware attacks are sometimes not what they seem. They are in the disguise of legitimate files, making headway to your personal computer or mobile device. Ransomware and cyber attacks are recently making headlines with massive attacks that genuinely impacted several organizations and government

Massive Google Outage! Google was dead.

Posted by admin on December 15, 2020
Category: Cyber Security
Google is having one of the major outages in recent times. Google services got disrupted, impacting thousands of users, and the majority of users are reporting that they are unable to login into their Google account. Gmail for mailing,YouTube for watching videos,Google Drive for saving data,Google photos to save photos, Google meets to attend meetings, Google search to do everything above and beyond. It’s pretty much scary. Google outage: A confusion between the configuration of
You cannot decline the fact that 2020 was a reset button for the whole world. As the work from home trend gained momentum, cloud computing took the forefront of technology. Cloud adoption is not something that is “new” for most industries. However, there are a few sectors where this might not be the case. Insurance is still in the early days of implementing cloud migration strategy and cloud-based solutions.  Benefits of Cloud Migration for the Insurance Industry Cost-Effective Faster

You seek, We deliver.

Posted by admin on November 16, 2020
Category: You seek, we deliver.
From its inception, we at vTech, have tried to deliver what our clients, patrons, partners have been seeking from us. We try our best to cater to your needs. The coronavirus pandemic hit the American land, and the economy plummeted. While the unemployment rate rose by 14.7%* approximately in the US in April 2020, at vTech, 55%# of the current headcount is fresh since January 2020. We managed to reverse the downward effect of economy within