Information Technology

vTech’s IT staffing services and solutions equipped to supply you with high-quality talent

Get the technology skills you need at a fast speed and balanced cost

The use of the latest technology helps us speed up the recruitment process. To support your niche technology project, we provide a fast-paced hiring process that helps you get the right talents with ease. 


Our IT staffing and recruiting services enable you to meet your distinct technology staffing needs. Whether your organization is a startup or a Fortune 100 company, we provide tailored IT recruitment and workforce solutions for your every project need.

Your business depends on technology, and technology depends on skilled people

As technology evolves, there is a constant need for skilled resources to make new projects a success. Business transformation requires fast-paced talent acquisition at a competitive cost. 

Hiring project-specific niche skills within the timeline that align with business initiatives is crucial. Retaining the top talent is an additional burden that keeps business leaders awake.

“Organizations are struggling to hire quality talent as only 16% of new hires possess the needed skills for both their current role and the future, according to Gartner, Inc.”

Source: Gartner

Why choose vTech for IT staffing?

Unbeatable experience and capabilities to source right resources for your business

Nation-wide presence and sourcing capabilities

We get the job done in critical moments with exceptional delivery helping you get niche skills for your IT projects

Capability to fulfill crunch time positions

In depth technology capabilities to provide you best cost and visibility into the hiring process

Focus on reducing your cost per hire

Vast database with pre-screened candidates to help customers to bring precision and reduce time to hire.

Thoroughly screened candidates

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