Energy, Oil and Gas

Energy, Oil and Gas Recruitment and Workforce Solutions: Find the right staff at the right time

vTech’s certified pool of candidates can help ease the staffing burden of the energy industry

vTech’s extensive domain knowledge within the Energy, Oil, and Gas Industry makes us uniquely positioned to help bridge the skills gap, better navigate different regions’ labor laws, and maintain a strong reputation for your brand amongst potential hires. When it comes to an outage or steady-state support, our oil and gas recruitment services provide a full spectrum of personnel – from certified craft laborers and technicians to engineers and managers -keeping your operation running smoothly around the clock. Oil and Gas recruitment and workforce solutions focuses on quality talent acquisition with the contract, contract-to-hire, and direct permanent staffing solutions. To fulfill immediate contingency requirements, we maintain a pool of candidates with the highest degree of specialization that are available in the nick of time.

Hiring for the energy industry is difficult because of the widening skills gap

The oil and gas industry has had a tough decade and faced several challenges, many of which were after-effects from the 2008 financial crisis. Companies with robust long-term growth strategies are of utmost advantage spearheading new projects and cementing their status as industry leaders. However, energy, oil and gas recruitment are another challenge.Managing the widening skill gaps, navigating local labor laws, immigration rules, and geopolitical pressures require the Energy, Oil, and Gas organizations to be very strategic with the oil and gas staffing processes and methodology.

  • Technological up-skilling of resources 
  • Digital transformation 
  • Shrinking talent pool 
  • Recruiting and retaining talents 
  • Nurturing new leadership 
  • Maintaining diversity in the workforce and ensuring gender equality 

“According to the Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) report of 2019, overall, two-fifths (40%) of oil and gas professionals believe that the skills crisis is already prevalent."

Why choose vTech for your staffing program?

Unbeatable experience and capabilities to source right resources for your business

Nation-wide presence and sourcing capabilities

We get the job done in critical moments with exceptional delivery helping you get niche skills for your IT projects

Capability to fulfill crunch time positions

Deep technical capabilities to provide you best cost and visibility into the hiring process

Focus on reducing your cost per hire

Vast database with pre-screened candidates to help customers to bring precision and reduce time to hire.

Thoroughly screened candidates

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