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vTech’s staffing solution involves a tailored approach to find you the best suited candidates

Despite these growing challenges in the market, vTech is uniquely positioned to source top talent for the organization. vTech is an automotive staffing agency partner with the integrity and technical skills to ensure high performance from automotive engineering and design talent. Our expertise, knowledge, and global resources help us deliver top-quality design, process, and automotive engineering roles. We ensure to deliver results in a timely manner taking a cost-effective approach. vTech’s Automotive Staffing and Recruitment services offer tailored recruitment services best-suited to your requirements. We can help you identify, attract, and retain top talent, to grow the long-term goals of your organization. 

Manufacturing companies continue to face the challenges of a lack of skilled workers

The combination of technology advancements, population growth, and political factors have impacted the changing business environment. The manufacturing, engineering, and automotive industry is no exception to these changes. The lack of skilled workers has been a constant obstacle for several years within these industries. Hiring, retention, and employment of engineering and design staff for the automotive industry require a high degree of expertise. The industries face challenges ranging from skills shortages, gender imbalance, appealing to younger demographics, etc.

A vast majority of survey respondents, 77% said the top areas they expect to have the most troubling finding workers are manufacturing and production roles. Source: The Manufacturing Institute-BKD survey

Why choose vTech for your industrial staffing?

Unbeatable experience and capabilities to source right resources for your business

Nation-wide presence and sourcing capabilities

We get the job done in critical moments with exceptional delivery helping you get niche skills for your IT projects

Capability to fulfill crunch time positions

Deep technical capabilities to provide you best cost and visibility into the hiring process

Focus on reducing your cost per hire

Vast database with pre-screened candidates to help customers to bring precision and reduce time to hire.

Thoroughly screened candidates

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