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vTech provides workforce solutions for the unique demands of federal, states, counties, cities, universities, and other public sector agencies. We recognize that government and public-sector staffing contracts call for a thorough, qualitative understanding of relevant procurement processes and legislation. Our recruiters have extensive experience in the industry to ensure requirements are matched accurately. This level of expertise and familiarity along with our extensive experience working with the government and public sectors enables us to deliver effective workforce solutions and recruitment results that accurately match candidates to complex job requirements. In addition, our diverse pool of pre-qualified candidates, and sophisticated recruiting techniques, testing, and matching tools have established us a preferred government staffing solution partner among our clients for their varied staffing needs. 

Government agencies have a hard time competing over candidates in a diminishing applicant pool

Recruiting and staffing are significant activities of a human resources department in any organization. It involves identifying and attracting the right people to fill positions. However, without the help of government staffing agencies, it becomes challenging for public sector entities to find the right person in a timely manner. Public sector agencies not only compete with private sectors but also internally, to attract potential hires. Smaller organizations often compete over the same diminishing applicant pool and, in turn, drive up compensation costs across the region. Government agencies often are at a disadvantage when compared to the private sector in recruiting and staffing processes for government jobs. The private sector typically outmatches the public sector on compensation, including bonuses and various other perks, such as stock options and requires a higher degree of strategic staffing practices to ensure they have superior talent fueling their efforts. 

In 2018, 44% of state and local employers said that retirements are on the rise, with some workers even accelerating retirement dates, according to the most recent workforce. Source: Center for State & Local Government Excellence.

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Set forth process to help you achieve key results for the projects or requirements in minimal time.

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15 years of experience with state & local and Federal government. In-depth understanding of vision and mission of agencies.

15 years of experience

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