Banking and Finance

Banking and Financial Staffing: Find the right talent for your business

Leverage vTech’s vast database of pre-screened candidates for your banking and finance staffing needs

vTech has developed the necessary infrastructure, expertise, and talent pool required for a world-class workforce solution model, placing high-caliber Banking, Insurance, and Finance professionals, from entry to board level, on both permanent and contract basis. IT, Accounting, Insurance and Finance professionals across the globe are in high demand today. We have a vast database of pre-screened financial and banking sector resources and can fulfill any niche requirements of our clients in the nick of time. We pay close attention to the business and economic environment where you operate and provide industry-leading staffing solutions cost-effectively. 

The Banking and Finance sector are lacking a sophisticated staffing solution

From regulatory reforms to changes in consumer and commercial preferences, as well as increasing competition, the banking and finance industry often encounter several challenges coupled with a serious shortage of IT, Accounting, and Finance talent. Today’s banking and financial sector needs sophisticated staffing solutions to gain a competitive edge in the banking and financial talent acquisition market. 

86% of millennials would take a pay cut in order to work at a company whose values they feel are in tune with their own. By comparison, only 9% of baby boomers would do the same. Workplace Culture Trends: LinkedIn

Why choose vTech for your Banking and Finance staffing?

Unbeatable experience and capabilities to source right resources for your business.

Nation-wide presence and sourcing capabilities

We get the job done in critical moments with exceptional delivery helping you get niche skills for your IT projects

Capability to fulfill crunch time positions

Deep technical capabilities to provide you best cost and visibility into the hiring process

Focus on reducing your cost per hire

Vast database with pre-screened candidates to help customers to bring precision and reduce time to hire.

Thoroughly screened candidates

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