Multi-cloud Adoption by Federal Agencies

As technology started to become more accessible around 1990 and as personal computers witnessed connection with each other, ‘Cloud’ as a concept gained more awareness. Since then to date, we may not realize it but the fact is life would be pretty paralyzed if ‘cloud’ ceases to exist. Later towards the last decade, Multi-cloud as a concept started gaining momentum, and […]


Multi-cloud Management: Avoid cyber risks by adopting Multi-cloud for your business

As the journey into the twenty-first century continues, small and large businesses alike are becoming increasingly reliant upon some sort of cloud solution. However, with the wide array of choices available, selecting a specific provider can prove to be a difficult prospect, especially given that a certain single cloud option may not be suitable for every task or operation that […]


Monitoring silos by the Multi-cloud approach

In-depth research by Edwin Yuen revealed, 81% of users of cloud infrastructure rely on 2 or more cloud service providers, and nearly 61% of users rely on 3 or more cloud providers. The adoption of multiple cloud providers may seamlessly support individual applications, but its management becomes a challenging task. The resulting silos from multicloud service providers require […]

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Washington Business Journal Recognizes vTech As One Of The 2020 Fastest-Growing Companies

vTech Solution, Inc. has received a valuable recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies of 2020 in the esteemed journal, Washington Business Journal. In order to get into the competition, we have to effectively achieve the quality performance criteria and capture the leading position. Our company has grown consecutively over the past three years. Haresh […]