Cloud Migration

Make a move to the choice of your cloud with ease.

Rely on vTech for migration to the choice of your cloud

With proven expertise, vTech helps you create a migration plan that aligns with your business goals. Our experts specialized in multiple cloud technologies help you simplify your migration experience with minimum disruptions.  

Get the speed, agility, and transformation that your business needs by moving to the cloud of your choice. Our dedicated migration teams help you assess, test, migrate and perform post-migration cleanups letting you focus on your core business.  


Cloud TCO assessment

Customized business case workshop to build migration strategy with powerful discovery and analytics tools.

Multiple cloud migration

Migrate workloads from and to Private Cloud, Azure, AWS, and Google cloud

Decommissioning and post-migration support

We help you remove inefficient business applications to ensure security and compliance

Migration planning and strategy

Create an architectural level migration plan for your applications including 3rd party web services

Re-platform assistance

Our experts help you perform minor code changes on an application to work on a destination platform

Why choose vTech for your cloud migration?

Experienced migration experts to design and migrate workflow, helping you reduce complexity.

Consulting and migration design support

Using best practices and tools, vTech assesses potential risks and provides you with best mitigation plan.

Pre-migration risk assessment and mitigation

Migration is simply not complete for us till we ensure your infrastructure is left with zero errors.

Post-migration cleanup

vTech helps you achieve migration speed and zero business impact with deep expertise and automated tools

Unique approach

Our migration service has in-built practices that ensures data security and compliance for your business.

Cloud compliance and governance

Technical support team is always available to support you with post migration questions and concerns.

Free post migration support

Migration should not be an obstacle in your move to Cloud.

Moving to the public or hybrid cloud troubles IT leaders, specifically when it comes to cloud migration. Businesses usually struggle either with the lack of enough human resources to handle cloud migration, or they need a constructive value proposition case for what cloud presents to the business.  

Lack of solid cloud migration strategies sometimes drives organizations to overspend. In most cases, when approaching migration, the underestimated element is a post-migration cleanup and accountability for leftovers. 

“Considering the importance of data security, it’s no surprise that security and compliance were listed by 59% of IT leaders as the top challenge facing enterprises when moving legacy systems to the cloud.”

Source: Lemongrass 2021 Legacy-to-Cloud survey

Major Technologies Supported

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