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Things to consider before choosing a managed services cloud provider

Introduction to Managed Network Services

The term ‘managed network services’ is quite generic and describes a wide range of solutions
which are related to network infrastructure and processes. However, in context of this paper
it can be described as an outsourced network that provides some or all of the
network solutions required by an organization. This service is delivered as a cloud
infrastructure service or is installed and managed in-house or remotely by the service
A managed network allows an organization to source the infrastructure, software and
technical support services essential to operate and manage an IP-based communication
network. Managed network service may comprise of software or hardware network
infrastructure resources such as applications, tools, servers, routers and switches, as well as
operating system and firewalls to run and secure the backend infrastructure and the data
stored over it. The whole system is entirely monitored and maintained by the service
The responsibilities of a managed service provider (MSP) are to provide delivery and
management of network‐based services, applications, and equipment. Managed networks
may include solutions and services such as managed LAN, managed WAN, managed gateway,
managed wireless networks and other automated network support services.
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