vTech Solution, Inc. Collaborates with Capital Area Food Bank in Response to COVID-19

Donate Here: www.mightycause.com/story/Vtech-Food-Drive COVID-19 has affected all our lives. However, it has been extremely cruel to some in desperate need. The not-for-profit organizations and several charities are collecting funds to help the most vulnerable groups in our society during these unprecedented times. vTech Solution, Inc., during one of the toughest times of our history, has taken […]


Achieve Total IT Resilience

Every day IT Administrators are faced with circumstances or a risk that could threaten to bring down applications, servers, and even communication channels. IT infrastructure is forced to recover from hardware failures, advanced ransomware infiltrations, hundreds of other potential disasters, and in some cases, catastrophic weather. The cost of failure is high, while the costly downtime […]

Cyber Security

Operation ShadowHammer: 1 Million ASUS Devices Compromised With Malware

Smart Devices users often get excited with the latest software & patch updates promising new functionalities and security benefits. What if the update is compromised at the source making your provider the distributor of the malware? That’s what happened with about a million users of ASUS products, first reported by Motherboard(vice.com). The servers of the […]


Why Should Cybersecurity Focus On Customer Endpoints?

CIOs and CISOs are prioritizing more resiliency in their endpoint security strategies for 2020; cloud-based endpoint protection platforms (EPPs) are proliferating across enterprises today. Gartner predicts that global information security and risk management end-user spending will reach $174.5 billion in 2022, with approximately $50 billion spent on endpoint security. According to Morgan Stanley, endpoint security […]

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