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vTech & Modzy Join Hands to Accelerate AI Solution Delivery

vtech modzy partnership

vTech Solution, Inc. and Modzy, Inc. have entered into a formal partnership to combine the expert AI/ML resources of vTech Solution and the Modzy platform to help vTech’s client’s deploy, run, integrate, and monitor AI/ML models from enterprise to edge.  

vTech Solution, Inc. isan information technology and professional services company with extensive expertise across IT infrastructure and application development. They have also developed an AI/ML product, Turabit AI, which addresses clients’ customer services challenges.  

The Modzy platform accelerates the deployment, integration, and governance of production-ready AI. With integrations for the leading data science and DevOps tools, teams count on Modzy to quickly and easily build AI-enabled applications in standard, repeatable, and secure ways.

By leveraging Modzy as a central location for managing and monitoring all AI across the enterprise or at the edge, teams can establish governance and security while capturing value from AI. These features help organizations overcome today’s toughest challenges with scaling and monitoring AI-powered systems. 
“Organizations need a standard, central solution to manage and monitor AI/ML models in use across an organization, regardless of where they’re developed or running,” said Modzy Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Josh Elliot. “This is the only way to ensure models remain performant over time. Our partnership with vTech will help our joint customers maintain AI-powered systems in a way that’s secure, governed, and scalable.”  
 vTech strives to provide unmatched customer service to its clients and Modzy is an exciting addition to its technology portfolio, expanding its ability to deliver innovative and customized AI/ML solutions.  
“We are excited to have Modzy as a part of our partner portfolio. vTech’ s customers and partners alike will benefit significantly from access to real-time operational artificial intelligence and machine learning models through Modzy,” said Ali Khan, CTO of vTech Solution “We look forward growing our partnership and sharing success with Modzy.” 

About vTech Solution  

vTech provides end-to-end managed IT Solutions to its customer by providing services like IT infrastructure and application development, Security & Compliance, Managed Cloud Infrastructure, Managed IT Services, Customized Application Services, System Integration, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions, Professional IT Services, and Operations & Management.  

vTech has a proven track record of delivering modernize IT Experience. Over the years, vTech has become a trusted IT Partner and created a space for modern and secure government operations, enhanced citizen experiences for state and local agencies, and helped small and medium businesses grow and bring hundreds of innovations to life.

With its deep business processes and industry expertise, vTech assists clients to solve complex business and technical problems. Additionally, vTech possesses advanced analytics, research capabilities, a comprehensive understanding of IT infrastructure, and a history of providing bottom-line solutions to businesses and governments across North America. to learn more, visit  

About Modzy  

Built by developers, for developers, Modzy solves the hardest problem of using AI at scale by accelerating the deployment and integration of production-ready AI. Modzy is a ModelOps & MLOps software platform supported by a growing community of data scientists, developers, infrastructure managers, and IT leaders interested in a new approach to model operations. Modzy empowers businesses with a central, transparent solution for managing AI, with tools for data scientists to quickly deploy and monitor models in production, APIs and SDKs for developers to easily integrate AI into any application, and governance features for leaders to monitor AI performance, usage, and costs related to AI. With cutting-edge features such as explainability, drift detection, and advanced security, Modzy helps organizations unlock real value from AI. To learn more visit  

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