We Are Proud to Be on The List for the 2022 Diversity-Owned Staffing Firm

We Are Proud to Be on The List for the 2022 Diversity-Owned Staffing Firm

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June 7, 2022: It is our great honor to be awarded as SIA’s Diversity-Owned Staffing Firms – US & Canada list for 2022, which is being published online and in the May/June print issue of Staffing Industry Review magazine.

Haresh Vataliya, the CEO, said that at vTech, “we are committed to providing staffing and services that enable the growth and productivity of the organizations we serve. These efforts have paid off hugely. In addition, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and success in a company focused on diversity, creativity, innovation, and collaboration.”

Those who do not see global talent as a valuable resource are hindered in staying relevant and versatile in today’s changing staffing and services market.

The Diversity-Owned Staffing Firms list has been published by SIA every year for over a decade to highlight the growing number of staffing companies whose ownership is diverse.

According to SIA research, global enterprise companies use various suppliers 71% of the time, and another 26% plan to add diverse vendors within the next two years.

About vTech

With its headquarters in Washington, DC, vTech Solution, Inc. is a small IT company founded in 2006. In addition to helping clients find IT solutions and people, our leadership team has developed their own set of skills. A variety of viewpoints and talents are brought to your project by our dedicated individuals. As a result of our commitment to quality, we have earned the trust of our customers over the years. To Make a Difference, we strive to empower our workers, customers, and partners.

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