It’s time to modernize and automate your legacy system and prepare your IT infrastructure to take on the challenges of the changing times. 

Are you one of those government agencies across the board that is facing issues with their current IT infrastructure?  

Do these issues swallow vast sums of money without leaving room in the budget for innovation that can be more efficient in the long run? 

Here at vTech, we want to help ease the process as your agency looks toward IT Modernization and Automation. We work in different areas to prepare you for the future, and these include: 

Artificial Intelligence:
By speeding up the adoption of artificial intelligence in your agency, a variety of tasks can be performed in an efficient manner (without the potential for human error), and insights can be quickly gained via automated analysis in order to better serve constituents. 

Contact Center:
Any given agency or office is responsible for working with thousands of citizens simply on a weekly (or even daily) basis. vTech can help improve the service capabilities of your customer contact center(s) and make sure that the tenor of customer transactions is satisfactory. 

Cloud Adoption:
For federal government agencies and businesses alike, migrating to the cloud is a must as services are increasingly performed on a digital basis. Our cloud adoption capabilities analyze your applications and current IT capacity and then provide assistance in setting up your cloud universe (whether it be private or public). 

Customer Experience:  
Having worked with a variety of front-end personalities, vTech knows what parts of the cloud can best make an impact on a customer’s experience. We can help turn our findings into concrete improvements in your IT infrastructure.

Data & Analytics:
Data analysis remains a critical part of the workplace, as to how else can you evaluate your office and optimize productivity and efficiency. An agency-wide data strategy can ensure that information is handled appropriately and that your agency continues moving forward into the future. 

Infrastructure Optimization:
Data centers form a critical component of any federal government agency’s infrastructure. We can help you best make use of existing capacities while also identifying potential for improvement in terms of modernization opportunities. This way, cost inefficiencies and possible security vulnerabilities, and cyber-security issues can be excised while the IT budget continues to run in an economically efficient manner.