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COVID-19 has changed the face of recruiting overnight now that the companies are facing new challenges.

Companies across the world have struggled and are still struggling with the revenue goals, layoffs, and also new hiring amidst the pandemic. Recruitment Cycle has definitely impacted and given many challenges to the Recruiters, Talent Sourcers, Recruitment Coordinators, Account Managers, Interviewers, HR Professionals, and On-boarding team, leading to a failure in the workforce planning and reframing of HR policies.

HR Professionals are struggling hard with challenges like Mental Health & Well-being, Managing Remote Work, Employee Productivity, Lack of Agility, Employee Engagement, and Lack of Two-way Communication.

vTech focuses on quality talent acquisition with contract, contract-to-hire and Direct Permanent Staffing across all disciplines. We bridge the gap by analyzing, identifying, and fulfilling the staffing needs of organizations with highly qualified, sustainable professionals. We have extensive experience and successful past performance in providing staffing solutions.

The recruitment process has changed and will be changing after this pandemic; here are key strategies that can help HR professionals build their recruiting pools harnessing their teams through this uncertainty and pandemic time:

1. Reframing and Assessing talent management strategies

COVID-19 is a vital time to recheck and reframe your current recruitment strategies. It is very important to attract the right candidates in the organization, so ask these questions. Do you have any current problems with recruitment? Is your HR budget insufficient? Inspect your current recruiting practices and seek ways to improve it. 

  • Review the existing workforce. Analyze what skills you need post-COVID-19. Run out skills evaluations and put efforts into reducing the skills gap.
  • Reframe and revise the current job description (JD) in job postings, team charts, and start to inhibit dynamic working habits.
  • Analyze the recruitment cycle to improve sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding phases.
  • Start using technologies to innovate and improve your hiring process as candidate experience is very important
  • Revise and reframe HR policies to make room for remote teams

2. Tailor your current talent technologies

Start using technology to streamline your recruitment cycle.

Using software and tools such as Microsoft teams to attract candidates and stay connected by taking virtual interviews. Pilot running before the actual virtual interviews is very important to steer clear of from technical glitch.

3. Strengthening the talent strategy virtually

In the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations should take care of their employees. Human resources professionals have faced uncertainty which they might have never imagined. They are trying to cope up with the challenges that COVID-19 has brought on them and they had to build and reframe talent management strategies for current employees and candidates.

  • •          Managing Remote work – Leading and managing remote work may be challenging so exhibiting a clear plan for maintaining communication with each member of the team is a very essential and vital part and two-way communication should be practiced.

Gartner HR Survey Reveals 41% of Employees Likely to Work Remotely at Least Some of the Time Post Coronavirus Pandemic

  • •          Employee orientation– Onboarding, managing new hires remotely, and training newbies organizing refresher training are all a part of human resource management, which has been the most challenging.
  • •          Mental Health & Well-being– The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the mental health and wellbeing of employees; meanwhile the talent team here comes into the picture and the employees can be advised to create and maintain a routine and schedule and they do not forget to include periodic breaks.
  • •          Employee experience & work-life integrationTalent acquisition strategy plays a major role in employee experience, work-life integration & effectiveness which are driven by a set of employee experience factors and talent team should be focusing on rapid reskilling, changing leadership and management competences, & culture of trust, transparency, and openness.

COVID-19 has gifted opportunities to the organizations for workplace innovation and finding the right, simpler, and inexpensive ways for HR operations.

vTech’s workforce solutions have definitely provided justice to the staffing industry and operations by successfully hiring new employees. vTech helps avoid the overwhelming task of posting job offers, looking through resumes, and laboring the tiring interview process. Our staffing solutions will allow you to elude those tasks and place topnotch, high-caliber professionals in the position you need to fill.

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