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How to Find That Right Temporary Employee and Make Them Stay

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It is always a struggle to find that right contingent talent to join your team. Are you worried whether he/she would be a right fit? Would the employee leave before the contract ends or when something more permanent comes up? You are constantly worried that whether he would take his role seriously or not.

Looking for temporary staff who are committed, passionate and diligent can be a cumbersome task for many business, particularly in those busy seasons with peak demand and workload. Well, there are many ways that can help you scout the best talent you need and to keep them around. Adding a trustworthy and hardworking temp staff could add value to your business.

Identify What You Are Looking for & Make It Clear to Your Resources

Considering the fact that the temporary worker will possibly be engaged only for a short period of time on the project, there is a need for clear job requirements and pre-defined project deliverables. Finding great temporary talent is much more than just finding someone who can stick to the time frame. It is about finding someone who can contribute positively to your company. You should have a clear Idea of what skills your ideal temp talent must have and what needs to be accomplished within the timeframe given.
Also, it is important that the temporary talent also understand what your expectation of them is. They need to know what that job is exactly and how much time they have, vague descriptions could be counterproductive and can lead to low productivity and ‘I didn’t sign up for this” attitude. Good candidates will be confident that they can do the job within the timeframe provided.

How well do they understand your business?

A candidate who is really interested in the project or the profile will, perhaps, do some research about it. It may be difficult for businesses that might not have enough information out there for the candidates. However, you should still be able to identify whether an applicant is indeed interested in the role/position.

While hiring temporary talent you usually spend less time and resource on additional onboarding and training, similar to hiring a permanent employee. Finding the right talent depends on identifying individuals that have specific skills that enables them to quickly transition into their new roles and provide immediate assistance with little or no training. You have to make sure they have the skills and expertise that the job requires and the ability to quickly fit in and be productive in the team.

Workforce management

Do they have a passion for the industry?

How do you make sure that you are attracting the right people for temporary positions? One way is hosting your job advertisement on industry-specific portals, that will attract people with who have a genuine interest in the field.
It is important that you discover someone with enthusiasm. Your candidate can be attracted to these temporary roles in order to grow in the respective field and you could be providing them with the perfect opportunity to grow.

Pick up on verbal cues

An obvious warning sign of a candidate that isn’t a right fit is a change in the willingness and confidence during the initial weeks on the job. You need to pay attention to the verbal cues that indicate whether they have started to feel that they have made a wrong decision.

Work with a Staffing Company

The process of finding the most suitable temporary candidate can get overwhelming at times. Staffing firms specializing in temporary contracts are one of the best solutions available for companies that are looking to hire temporary workers.

Out of many advantages of working with a staffing firm, the most crucial is that they actively seek out the best candidates, pre-screen everyone who registers with them, and give access to the very best temporary talent available in the market.

The best temporary workers are those who can bounce into the position quickly and ensure that the project is done in a timely manner. High turnover amongst temporary workers can slow down the process and add on to the amount of administrative work you will have to do—the exact opposite of what you need.

So, what we can do to make them stay?

It is important you keep your temporary talent engaged and motivated, to ensure overall productivity. There are several ways to motivate temporary employees to be more efficient on the job:

Treat them like you would treat any other employee

Keeping their short-term affiliation aside, they should be treated with the same degree of welcome and acceptance as any other employee joining the team. Introduce them to their new colleagues, orient them show them around, make them feel welcomed.

Make them a part of the team

Try to make them feel like they are a part of the team, whenever you can, include them in meetings and ongoing activities of the company without divulging sensitive or confidential information; encourage co-workers to socialize with them, invite them to office celebrations and events.

Provide reviews and feedback

Ignoring the fact that they are here for a short term, you should provide them honest feedback and performance review. Provide them with an open and honest assessment of how effectively they are completing tasks and ways to improve their performance; give positive and constructive feedback with about their performance and make sure you recognize any extra efforts taken and outstanding achievements they have had.

Opportunity of converting to a full-time role

Various American companies use temporary staffing as a tool to find great talent and eventually bring them onboard in a full-time capacity. Benefits and perks of a good full-time role is a motivational factor that interests many temp workers encouraging them to perform better. Do not make promises you can’t keep, but whenever possible, give them an idea of what additional opportunities you can provide them with.

Temporary staff are a quintessential part of the American workplace fiber, they help pick up slack during peak times, cover for someone on leave, or provide expertise on projects and assignments. If you make an effort to maintain a positive relationship, they will appreciate and speak highly of your firm wherever they go and be willing to come back for future mutually beneficial opportunities.

Workforce Solutions

May it be a single consultant or an entire team, we will find the perfect match to help meet your business goals.

Why work with vTech Solution?

– Nationwide presence and sourcing capabilities
– In-depth background checks & thoroughly screened candidates
– Capability to fulfill crunch time positions
– Pre-screened pool of resources across various segments
– Focus on reducing ‘cost-per-hire’ and ‘time-to-fill’ on all requirements
– Complete support on candidate on-boarding, credentialing and relocation

We are committed in becoming your valued partner for all your workforce needs.

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