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FAA’s eFast Awarded vTech with a Contract Vehicle

July 20th, 2022. vTech Solution has been awarded the FAA eFAST contracting vehicle for small businesses.  

This contract has a ceiling of $7.4B across 8 Functional Areas that support the FAA and other departments within the Department of Transportation with technical, engineering, scientific, administrative, and other professional services. 

eFAST Contracts are FAA’s preferred small contracting vehicle for services. A broad range of professional and support services can be procured over a long term using this vehicle expeditiously, efficiently, and effectively to better meet the needs of FAA. Since Fiscal Year 2010, the eFAST program has awarded over $4.4 billion in contracts to small businesses

vTech Solution is offered the following five (5) FAA eFAST Functional Areas: 

  1. Business Administration & Management (BAM) 
  1. Engineering Services (ES) 
  1. Computer/Information Systems Development (CSD) 
  1. Computer Systems Support (CSS) 
  1. Documentation & Training (D&T) 

“vTech Solution is honored for the opportunity to support the important mission of the FAA. With our deep experience across federal, commercial and state, and local markets, we understand what it means to support mission-critical functions and stakeholders across these markets and look forward to bringing innovative solutions to the FAA.” vTech’s Chief Growth Officer, Mr. Emile Trombetti says. 

vTech Solution is a GSA 8(a)Stars III consulting company that has successfully delivered innovative solutions to state, local, and federal agencies. vTech Solution has been commended for its collaborative and constructive approach to supporting IT and training solutions in helping our customers address their most complex challenges. 

About vTech 

vTech Solution is an IT firm founded in 2006, based out of Washington, DC. Our key offerings help our customers find IT solutions and people from various industries. All staff at vTech headquarters have developed skills that make them invaluable to the company. In addition, we have dedicated individuals who bring a variety of viewpoints and talents to help you gain new clients.  

With commitment to quality, we’ve earned the trust of our customers over the years, while our objective to empower everyone on our team is something we live, breathe and work to achieve. 

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