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Enhancing User Experience in Government Services: Strategies for I.T. Decision Makers


The commercial sector is raising customer expectations, as stated on[AV1] Government services should be provided in the rapid, easy, secure, and accessible ways the public today needs and expects. The public has higher expectations for digital government than informational online access. Providing customer-centric government services involves enabling and empowering citizens to complete transactions electronically rather than in line and on paper in a largely web-based world. These online transactions’ seamless, efficient, and trust-building nature is essential to enhancing how governments serve their constituents.

Citizens should have the same confidence level in their digital contacts with government agencies as when they shop online for their chosen products. The U.S. Digital Service asserts that “private industry knows how to work fast, lean, and keep the focus on the user.” It is necessary to incorporate best practices from the commercial sector into public service delivery models to offer a user experience that encourages citizens across communities to have faith in and confidence in government. By enhancing the digital government experience to direct individuals toward the required solutions, state governments can simultaneously optimize operations and raise citizens’ perceptions that elected officials are present, paying attention, and efficiently fulfilling community needs.

The governments may simultaneously optimize operations and increase citizens’ trust that elected officials are present, paying attention, and effectively serving community needs by improving the digital government experience to guide citizens toward the solutions they need.

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