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Benefits Of AI For The Help Desk That You Can’t Turn A Blind Eye

AI-driven tools are up for not only helping chatbots but also providing predictive analytics to prepare for incident management, demand planning, etc.

The IT self-service desk is not a new element. However, in the “new normal” era, its usage is becoming more sophisticated since IT help desk chatbots and intelligent search recommendations guide users to the right services/solutions.

In fact, experts say AI will be a key component of the help desk service in the coming years.

The main advantage of using AI for the help desk and IT support is that it can eliminate the manual overhead required for the low-level service desk tasks. Hence, it allows employees to invest their time on higher valued tasks.

vTech Solution, Inc. as an organization, believes AI-enabled help desk chatbot software has helped its clients in three major categories – chatbots, information gathering, and incident/request management.

How AI is helping the help desk today?

  • Chatbots

A key area where AI capabilities are used at their optimum level is providing an automated chatbot experience for users 24/7. It means, there’s always someone who is available to answer your queries.

IT support experts are willing to deploy IT help desk chatbots since they tend to not just apply NLP (natural language processing) to attend simple and repetitive queries and requests before forwarding complex issues to a live IT support personnel.

Chatbot capabilities are extended to also perform tasks such as reset passwords, deploy software, modifications to restore IT services, etc.

Take a look at the infographic below to know more about how chatbots benefit your remote employees.

  • Escalate requests and incident management

AI now plays a key role in automated categorization, setting priorities, and routing of incident and service tickets. Through predictive analytics, some of the fields of the form in a ticket get populated automatically.

AI tools also recommend to prioritize incidents, classify the information into groups, and even assign the ticket! However, that does not mean that human work is eliminated here. An employee can override these suggestions, but AI assistance helps them to work faster and saves time in taking efforts of implementing obvious actions.

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  • Information gathering

An interesting capability of artificial intelligence help desk products is knowledge management. They apply an intelligent search function which not only relies on specific keywords but also understands their context and meaning. AI-powered service desk recommends solutions based on what has or has not worked before with past users.

There are even intelligent auto-responders that reply to emails sent by users with the most relevant solutions. The tools also help to identify loopholes in the information database.

AI-driven knowledge curation can not only help users but also IT personnel as well. The tools help to study past and present incidents, problems, modifications, errors, etc. and formulate them to come up with the most suitable solution for the IT service desk agents.

Coming Up

The next wave of AI capabilities will commence having more process and social analytics into the core system, along with flexible dashboards that help IT support agents to gain information on the current scenario. AI tools will also be able to identify issues and provide automated solutions for network alerts, security-related notifications, etc.

In the future, AI’s focus in the help desk will be on voluminous tasks with low-importance, which are processed manually at present with costs incurred. It will also offer insights into large data sets that help in better decision making.

In the future of IT support, organizations will look for new opportunities to automate and provide  proactive management of their working environment. Small businesses, especially, will be the first users of AI tools to automate or enhance support functions.

Revamping the conventional help desk, vTech’s revolutionary IT help desk solutions are integrated with AI help desk agents which are fully equipped to handle various support requests with speed and accuracy.

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As mentioned earlier in the article, AI capabilities will explore how chatbots can be used in various areas, check out the below infographic to understand how chatbots help remote employees improve their productivity.

Chatbots Benefits Infographics

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