• We’re specialists in Professional Services
  • We provide our clients with professional services in the areas of IT, engineering, security, finance, and healthcare. We help agencies utilize smart technologies that modernize operations, improve customer engagement experience, and save company budgets.
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Our dedicated consultants use their expertise and knowledge to execute your most critical requirements in areas such as:

Big Data


Data Science


Machine Learning

Database Engineering

Automation Engineering

Business Systems Analysis

Full-Stack Software Development

Quality Assurance

Web Development

Release Engineering

Mobile Development

Network Engineering

Project Management

User Experience Design

Systems Administration

User Interface Development

Professional Solutions for Federal, State, and Local Governments

vTech Solution, Inc. works as a strategic partner for various government agencies, contractors, commercial organizations, and IT system firms. We’ve catered to many largest government agencies and consulting firms as well as businesses looking to expand their teams with top professionals.

How vTech supports you?

vTech assists you with on-demand professional services. We help government clients and businesses with on-demand talent solutions within HR, IT, program management, app services, audit. We’re backed with a database of experienced government consultants with the required skills and experience.

Expert Professionals

Our comprehensive screening process ensures our clients have access to the best talent. We rely on real-time assessment of selecting the best fit for our clients’ requirements.

Qualified Recruiters

Our recruiters are backed with decades of experience. They deliver maximum efficiency, providing healthy tenures.

Satisfied Consultants

Our consultants constantly feel supported by us. No HR complications and the result is a happy, and fully-equipped consultant.

Doing more with less

Our full-scaled talent solutions start from creating job requirements, sourcing profiles, interviewing candidates to onboarding. Our delivery system is tailored as per your needs.

  • From subject matter experts to expert professionals to a complete program team, we provide tailormade and measurable services to address transforming client needs.