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Learn how Microsoft 365 Business and Azure solutions build, manage and deploy applications to transform your operations.

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It’s never too late to upgrade your operations, and you can do that now with Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions! Boost your productivity with Office applications, while safeguarding your data with smart cloud services. vTech Solution, Inc has got you covered!

Microsoft 365


Get things done

Boost your efficiency with AI-powered Office tools and services​

Collaborate and work together

Bring your teams and resources, to one place​​

Grow your business

Develop stronger customer relationships with in-built CRM into Outlook​

Protect your data

Implement data loss prevention policies to protect sensitive information from hackers

Simplified user experience

​Use an effortless admin center to manage your services, users, and devices​

Quick deployment of apps

Develop, deploy, and maintain your apps anywhere faster

Guaranteed security

Safeguard the privacy of your apps and data with Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery

Better decision-making

Take more informed decisions using predictive analytics and valuable insights


Scale up or down effortlessly with Azure as per your business requirements

Azure Reserved VM Instances (RI)

Significantly reduce costs—up to 72 percent compared to pay-as-you-go prices

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