Give The Most Engaging And Secure Online Learning Experience To Your Students

For educational institutions that need a solution for displaced students during the outbreak, we are offering comprehensive IT solutions to support a variety of remote learning needs.

Network and Endpoint Security

✓ Safe content delivery to students with school-provided Chromebooks
✓ Monitoring on students’ online behavior
✓ Securing confidential information by preventing phishing attack

Tailor-made collaboration tools

  • ✓ Enriched communication with Microsoft apps
  • ✓ Enabling to build a digital classroom
  • ✓ Facilitate files and notes sharing and give feedback to individual students

Cloud Migration

  • ✓ Cloud-based content/textbooks for easy access to students
  • ✓ Seamless integration between departments through file-sharing across devices
  • ✓ Educational opportunities accessible to students in a remote or rural area

Virtual distance learning solutions

  • ✓ Laptops with the latest securities
  • ✓ Secure connectivity amongst the peers
  • ✓ Remote Helpdesk Support

All-inclusive e-learning platform

  • ✓ Engaging video sessions
  • ✓ Empower one-to-one learning
  • ✓ Personalized learning programs for students

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