Cyber Security Whitepaper

The goal of this white paper is to understand cybersecurity risk for to the small business. Small businesses usually neglect cybersecurity as an essential function in making their IT infrastructure vulnerable.

Most of the Small to medium-sized companies are unaware about the ways in which they’re vulnerable. More than 45% mistakenly believe they’re not a viable victim. They are just too small a target in comparison to larger organizations and tend to have a blind eye towards the cyber threats they face, which is in sharp contrast to what attackers think. Small businesses are often considered soft targets they have more comprisable asset than an individual but less security than a larger security firm.

As the volume and complexity of cyber attacks grow,  organizations, especially those that process Legal, healthcare, or financial records, need to take major steps to protect their sensitive business and personal information. Usually, the cyber attack is intended to inflict damage or seize information from an individual, organization or public entity, for the purpose of theft (of payment card data, customer details, company secrets or intellectual property, unauthorized access to networks, compromise of official records or financial and/or reputational damage. A portion of the data can contain delicate information, for which unauthorized access or exposure could have negative consequences.

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