Earlier this year, the world was hit by the biggest crisis in over a hundred years, in the face of novel coronavirus aka COVID-19. There was no sector in the whole economy that was left unaffected by it. Even now, we are unrevealing the impact of the novel pandemic faced by the organizations as the after-effects. One thing that this pandemic taught us – Proactiveness is the key for a business to sustain itself in
Organizations across the globe are rapidly changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic – the way companies do business is shifting. Cost-cutting is a judicious strategy and in top priority for almost all industries struggling to survive the financial impact of the pandemic. The primary purpose is to lower costs, that too smartly, thus minimizing undesirable long-term consequences. Economizing and advancing throughput are continuing management responsibilities. The brutality of the crisis and its outcome makes these
Join our latest panel discussion on “Procurement Challenges During COVID-19” on August 18th at 2 PM EST.  Click on the link to register: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_7tbPfaKyQm20QwBOdTtVQw    As the COVID-19 Pandemic brought the economies of the world to a screeching halt, world is now preparing for its fallout. We are embracing a new dawn of business realities; every organization is adapting to survive.    World economy is restarting, organizations have yet again opened doors, we are embracing the ‘new normal’
What is Managed IT Service? Who are Managed IT Service Providers? Managed IT services enable businesses to delegate their IT operations to a skilled third-party organization that focuses on handling these responsibilities. These third-party organizations, called Managed Service suppliers (MSPs), are answerable for all or parts of a business’s IT systems, as prearranged in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). IT instrumentation is usually procured by the consumer, and looking at the SLA, Managed Service suppliers
The advancement in the workforce, along with newer technologies made the healthcare industry, rely on consulting agencies for hiring IT professionals instead of their HR departments. Today’s situation of COVID-19 pandemic, where the number of infected patients outruns the number of healthcare professionals needed to cure them, has left the healthcare and medical industry helpless. The hospital staff and all others involved are still showing up and giving their cent percent, but it is not enough for the